1. nordravn:

Annfjorden - Nordland (Norway) by Meteorry on Flickr.
  2. fumbleinthedark:

Stetind Reflection, Tysfjord, Norway

Photo © copyright by Jack Brauer
  3. margith:

Nordic summer on Flickr.
  4. buttsetcetera:

    narvik at 2:30-3am. because nordland in the summer is the best place on earth.

    (via buttsetcetera-deactivated201212)

  5. involuntarynotions:

Flakstadøya Fjord by Eggles on Flickr.
  6. cherriescented:

Happy birthday, Norwaaay!
  7. Svartisen
Offersøy Harbour

Offersøy, Lødingen,Nordland, Lofoten
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